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now watching Ikaw naman ang iiyak :)


Title: Late-night call
Prompt: (Just read it to find out)

It’s not even 11PM on a Friday and Dawn is already in bed, clutching the pillow as she laid on her side. Her husband has arrived in Davao for his weekly visits there, and with the kids finally asleep, there isn’t really anything left for her to do.

It was a fun day, she muses, but all the activities she did with the kids has left her a bit woozy, her legs aching from all the running they did at the garden that afternoon. Tumatanda na nga ako, she thinks, then smiles as she looks at her phone’s wallpaper: a selfie taken by the kids themselves.

She puts the phone on the nightstand, where she always leaves it at bedtime, but she hasn’t even closed her eyes when it started ringing.

Her eyebrows furrows as she stares at the screen, where Richard’s name is flashing. For a moment she thinks of rejecting the call because it’s already late and why was he calling without texting her first if he could, as she had taught him when they started working together again, so they wouldn’t have issues with their respective spouses.

She just lets the phone ring, then sits up to put it back on the table. She is about to lay her head back on the pillow when it rings again.

She grunts as she reaches for it, and sees that Richard is using his other number this time. It must be important, she figures, for him to disturb her this late. It better be. She sighs as her finger glides on ‘Answer’. “What’s wrong?” No response, just the sound of cars passing by. “Richard?”

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